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具体情况及骗术细节:自称medical doctor, 来自UK的liverpool,父母瑞士但都已故,从小在英国长大,自己看上去比实际年龄年轻,对感情认真,对于刚刚结束的3年感情很难过。刚通了两封信就说找到了灵魂伴侣,貌似非常珍惜这段缘分,并留了电话+44 871 915 2116。我查了对方IP,来自马来西亚,由此断定很可能是尼日利亚的骗子或者马来西亚骗子。可以说自己父母双亡的骗子,要受更多天谴。附上典型骗子来信,请大家一定留意。一开始是通过世纪佳缘认识的:Hello dear,

I hope that you have had a nice day, thanks for your response to my message. It is my pleasure to get to know you better and I believe that what we are starting as mere friendship would develop to something good.

Well my full name is Dr. Glenn Gilbert, my parents are Swiss, am currently residing and working here in Liverpool England where i was born, am a medical doctor, am also a contractor in equipping hospitals. I am 41 years old this year, people say i look younger than my age.

I am basically interested in meeting someone for a serious relationship and possibly marriage if it is the wish of fate, age is not my primary concern. I am looking for someone who would love me for who I am, and not heart breaker, I value honesty and understanding a lot, I am a good listener and I have a very good sense of humor, I don’t really care about physical appearance or beauty but I care about the inner beauty of the heart.

I was in a relationship that ended 3 years ago, I really do not want to talk about it here, maybe it is not the right time to talk about it. This is the first time am trying to get to know people online, I was introduced to this by my friend (Alex) he met his wife on the site and they married after a few months, now they are living happily with a kid. Have you tried online relationship before?

I would appreciate if you can tell me more about yourself and let’s see what happens. I enclose here with my recent picture, Please do send me your photos ok..


Dr. Glenn..








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补充原因: 是的,这个人就是骗子,在亚洲交友中心注册的,当时还注册白银会员,现在id消失了,他找过我朋友,老是让我的朋友打电话给他,但我朋友不见视频坚决不打,这几天他换了一个yahoo通的id,名字仍然是gleen gilbert,但是电话号码已经改为:447947670889,大家警惕!


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